ershred B-081C might be the machin

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ershred B-081C might be the machin

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Fellowes Powershred B-081C Cross-Cut Shredder Review Business Articles | January 17 Texans Jersey Sale , 2012
If you need a new paper shredder for your office, the Fellowes Powershred B081C might be the machine you are looking for thanks to its security rating and other features. Here are its strengths and weaknesses:

If you need a new paper shredder for your office, the Fellowes Powershred B-081C might be the machine you're looking for thanks to its security rating and other features. Here are its strengths and weaknesses:


There are really just two types of paper shredders: strip-cut and cross-cut. Cross-cut machines offer more security so they're good for confidential documents like canceled checks, credit card applications Cheap Texans Jersey , and so on. The B-081C is a cross-cut device with a Level 3 security rating so your information will stay under wraps.

This shredder has the ability to start automatically when you place something in the feed opening. The feed opening is 8.75" wide so it can accommodate letter- and legal-sized documents without any problem. Up to 8 sheets can be shredded per pass. The machine's cutters are durable enough to shred document fasteners and credit cards to help you save time.

The B-081C can run continuously for up to 10 minutes. The machine has a 4.7-gallon waste bin so you and a co-worker can share it. (You could also use this shredder at home, if you want.) The waste bin has a clear panel so you'll be able to see how full it's getting. When the waste bin is full, you can pull it out and recycle your shreds without a lot of hassle.

This machine has approximate dimensions of 21" (height) x 14" (width) x 10" (depth), so it's pretty compact. In fact Texans Benardrick McKinney Jersey , you can probably even store it under a desk for easy access and to keep it out of the way. The machine has casters on the bottom of it so you can move it around as needed.

Finally, the B-081C's cutters are backed by a 1-year warranty so you're covered in case anything goes wrong.


As noted above, the B-081C can shred up to 8 sheets at once. This isn't a huge amount, so this shredder might not be the best choice if you need a device that can shred a lot of sheets in one go.

This machine won't shred items like floppy disks and CD's. If you need to shred various types of media Texans Kevin Johnson Jersey , you should consider a multimedia shredder.

While this shredder can run continuously for up to 10 minutes, you need to let it rest for a full half-hour before using it again. This might be problematic if you have a lot of paper to shred at once.

The B-081C doesn't have Fellowes' SafeSense technology that causes the machine to shut down when hands are too close to the feed opening. This is a great feature and it would be nice if this shredder had it.

Overall, the Fellowes Powershred B-081C is definitely a shredder that's suitable for office use. This device has a decent shredding capacity and it's nice that it can destroy credit cards. The machine offers a good level of security so you can feel confident that your information is protected. The B-081C does have some weaknesses, but if they don't bother you Texans Nick Martin Jersey , this shredder just might be the right one for your office

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