NBA 2K20: The Best Los Angeles Lakers MyTeam Cards, Ranked

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NBA 2K20: The Best Los Angeles Lakers MyTeam Cards, Ranked

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The MyTeam mode available in NBA 2K20 depends mostly on player cards, and these would be the best in the Los Angeles Lakers, rated. Lately the Los Angeles Lakers and the sports world in large mourned the departure of the legendary NBA 2K20 MT Coins player Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the other passengers of the unfortunate helicopter accident that led to the death of innocent lives. The franchise did an excellent job of embracing how much he intended being the most decorated and historic at the NBA, and arguably all sports. Comes with an unstoppable all-time roster. Let's look at the ten LA Lakers cards in NBA 2K20's MyTeam style and rank them.

This one's tough to compose as the world is still mourning the passing of Kobe Bryant. At a franchise filled with some of the greatest players of the NBA, Kobe was arguably the very best to wear the purple and gold. His cards in MyTeam are fairly hard to get your hands on, and this 94 entire card in the Prime V.I.P. series is not any different. The card features many of the high general attributes you'd expect, but sadly, video games won't ever be able to truly capture the competitive spirit he exuded and the passion he brought to the world.

Eddie Jones must be the most talented player who happened to have the worst luck in the NBA. Twice in his career, the team he left ended up winning the championship the following year as Jones left the Lakers in 1999 along with the Miami Heat at 2005. Later we'll talk about the guy who dug out this function, but Jones was if need be, your model player who could run stage. His 94 card that is entire lets people see the product that he put out despite never making it into the land and getting a ring.

When it comes to familiarity, George Mikan will be the name on this list that most people will have to Google search. He's seldom mentioned when talking the finest Los Angeles Lakers players, so the entire world at large isn't too recognizable. Mikan was but boy did he ever set forth the effort. His rebounding and defensive efforts appear big on his 95 card that highlights his scoring capability and endurance. He will be a liability against teams that like to run the fastbreak.

Lamar Odom is the poster child for inconsistency when he did not have the human flaws he has dealt with during his lifetime and what could have been. Considering he is very much a stretch four that could play in the paint, get the most out of this perimeter, there is no doubt he'd dominate in today's game since it is pretty much assembled for guys like him. His 95 complete card from the flash packs provides you a athletic defender who can drive in the paint and handle the ball a lot better than you would expect from a 6'9" guy not named Magic Johnson.

Anthony Davis has just been a Los Angeles Laker to get a little under a year at this point, however, the league dominant centre has quickly showcased his worth to the franchise. Back in the first week of this year, Davis set up an unbelievable series of matches where he solidified the idea he's one of the league's greatest players regardless of position Buy 2K MT. He was rewarded with a 95 overall card that leaves him a automatic rebounding machine and will have you posting up and scoring with ease in the paint. Just don't attempt to make him a playmaking centre since his skills are less than perfect.

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